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‘Artisan Pietro Finocchiaro Woodturner’

Run Time: 57 Minutes

Language: English

System: PAL/NTSC

Aspect: 16:9

Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0

Producer: Lisa Finocchiaro

Director: Salvatore Finocchiaro

Production: Sienna Productions





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DVD Special Features


* Four unique and amazing tools




‘This royalty free coffee table video is designed for the pure visual enjoyment of wood turners. It is not an instructional video as two unique tools are used to make a bowl.


Royalty free means that this video can be displayed or broadcast publically.

It can be played in any private or public venue including workshops or coffee shops. It may not however be copied and on sold for profit without express permission.’


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Synopsis / DVD Back Cover text


Pietro Finocchiaro was born in May 1927 in the small fishing and agricultural town of Falcone in the Province of Messina, northern Sicily.  He is one of eight sons of Rosario Finocchiaro and his second wife Teresa. Pietro had seven brothers: Salvatore-Attilio, Giuseppe, Antonio, Santi, Marco-Aurelio, Ottavio and Benito. Life was hard in poverty stricken Sicily but the family had a small bakery that, through hard work gave them a better than average lifestyle. Pietro finished schooling after five years but had already started working at the age of eight. Life was interrupted by the devastation of World War II that culminated with the invasion of Sicily by the Allies and the routing of the German forces. Pietro’s father Rosario passed away in June 1941 from the complications of pneumonia. The two eldest brothers were in the Italian army with Giuseppe having been taken prisoner by the Germans. He eventually made it to freedom.


After the war, Pietro would commute the 60 kms to Messina for work. Together with his twin brother Santi he moved to Genova where he found work as a fitter with a textile machinery manufacturer. Pietro and Santi completed their national service in the army from 1949 to 1950 and returned to the workforce. Pietro saw an advertisement for migration to Australia in 1951 and within a month was on a ship with Santi heading to Newcastle in New South Wales, where they worked for BHP as fitters. Through a second job, after hours Pietro learnt the panel beating trade. Work was plentiful in post-war Australia allowing the brothers to move to Fremantle and later joined by Marco-Aurelio. Pietro worked in the Chamberlain tractor factory in Welshpool. He heard about Darwin as a place of opportunity and being adventurous decided to go and see for himself. Santi decided to return to Italy. Darwin was a small, hot, humid, town recovering from the bombings of WWII. Work was plentiful despite having to live in a steel clad shack (known as a Sidney Williams Hut) under mosquito nets. Pietro applied himself to panel beating and eventually opened Darwin Panel Works in 1955 with his brothers Ottavio and Benito, whom he had persuaded to join him in Darwin. He bought a house in the suburb of Fannie Bay and helped his brother Marco-Aurelio buy a property in the area where Marco-Aurelio establised a successful bakery which later moved to larger premises and became Darwin Bakery.


The panel beating business did very well for the brothers and they were soon joined by their mother and elder brother Giuseppe. In 1960, Pietro decided to return to Sicily for a holiday where he met Giovanna and they were married in the coastal town of Torre Faro. Having promised Giovanna that he would bring her back every 4 years he convinced her to move to tropical Darwin, arriving in November 1960. Their first son Rosario was born in April 1962 and was joined by Salvatore in May 1963.  Whilst on the promised return holiday to Sicily, Pietro’s mother Teresa passed away in 1966. Her body was returned to Falcone where she is at rest beside Rosario. Pietro’s family and those of his brothers thrived in Darwin and then on the night of the 24th of December 1974 Cyclone Tracy devastated the town leading to the largest mass civilian air evacuation in Australian history. The Finocchiaro families mostly dispersed to Fremantle but the men stayed behind to help with the reconstruction. The families eventually returned but Pietro and Giovanna decided to move the family to Adelaide for schooling in 1976.


Pietro and Ottavio and later with Giuseppe opened a panel beating workshop in Adelaide, but the business was met with much competition and eventually closed. Pietro then opened a small radiator repair business called Glynde Radiator Service that thrived and still exists to this day, though now owned by others. The family returned to Darwin with Salvatore leading the way in 1985, Pietro in 1986, Rosario and Giovanna in 1987. Pietro had semi-retired but still did some work at Darwin Bakery with his brother Benito who had also returned. When Pietro retired he took up woodturning and became a master in his new hobby. He has invented many new tools and mechanical devices that enabled him to achieve, with greater ease, previously difficult if not impossible designs in wood. He went through the costly process of patenting his design for the bowl-saving wood coring machine but to date manufacturers have not shown interest. Pietro is still active in his hobby and mixes it with daily life and play with his four grandchildren.







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