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Camera Dolly Track Sleepers


The Sienna Productions Camera Dolly Track Sleepers make a great starting point for a very strong all weather Dolly Track.


The set of 5 Sleepers are designed for a 38mm steel or stainless steel pipe.


The track Sleepers are made from 1.6mm thick galvanised iron and are strong enough to last a lifetime.


To complete the Dolly Track, the purchase of a Stainless Steel 38mm metal pipe is required.


Strong enough to support a ride on Dolly.


The steel pipe is NOT supplied by Sienna Productions.


For a 3 Metre Track, we recommend a 38mm, 1.6mm thick 6 Metre length of Stainless Steel Pipe which the supplier can cut in half. The Sleepers can accommodate up to 4 Metres of metal pipe, provided the wall thickness can support the intended use.


Your local metal supplier can cut a single 6 Metre length of pipe into 2 x 3 metre lengths to complete the Dolly Track.




To use with a 38mm Outside Diameter Pipe

Galvanised Iron (1.6mm)

760mm† x 50mm x 25mm (L,W,H (without bolt))

A Set of 5 Sleepers can accommodate 3 to 4 metres of steel pipe.

Dolly Track Width: 627mm



See the Tracks in action:


Click here if the video is blocked


About the video:

A simple dolly sequence with music shot using our Camera Dolly Track Sleepers and 1.6mm thick stainless steel rails. The sequences were shot from the same position incrementing the zoom focal range of the Red 17-50mm Lens. Shot with the Sony PMW-F3 with S Log and recorded to Gemini444.